Body Perspiration

Body perspiration is a very common issue, with the amount of body perspiration damage repairs on the increase it is very important for you to maintain your furniture to manufactures guidelines to help slow down this process.

If the furniture is maintained to these guidelines you will be able to stop the contamination between yourself and your furniture.

The volumes of body perspiration damage is on the rise, our enquiry’s have increased significantly.

We have found in over 99% of the customers we attend, that the furniture is not being maintained, no aftercare at all, we are recommending cleaning and conditioning products as no products have been used.

Customers habits of change is also an issue, when you have a damaged contaminated product is very important that you start to maintain the furniture to stop the issues reoccurring. If you do not change your habits and start maintaining the furniture being careful about the contamination the same issue will re occur.

Once we complete all repairs to your furniture we will advise curing times, this is so important to adhere to, the area has had major restoration to remove the body perspiration and restore the area, the amount of customers that go straight to the area and start touching the repairs that have just be restored.

We will also advise how to look after your furniture moving forward and best ways to care to save ongoing repairs costs.

Please note we do not under any circumstances offer a repair warranty on body perspiration repairs, full exclusions can be found on our terms and conditions page and on your receipt.

We can not stop you from continuing to transfer body perspiration and we can not make you to follow the maintenance advise given,

All body perspiration repairs will go through the same process of removal of the body perspiration, the area will then be cleaned, prepped, colour restored and sealed.

The furniture will be left in a good condition and will be left for you the customer to maintain.


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