Karen Thickett

Karen Thickett from Grimsby contacted us for a repair to a sunken seat on her 3str sofa.

Sofa seats settle and collapse over a period of time, you normal find this is the most used seat.

We provided a quote to re pad one seat on the 3str sofa, which was accepted by Karen and an appointment was booked.

Here you will see a before picture of the 3str sofa.



As you look at the sofa you can you can see there is excessive collapsing in the left seat cushion along the centre seat where the customer is sitting in between the two seats, the left arm has also collapsed and the back cushion has excessively collapsed too.

When we arrived the technician was asked to look at the seat on the chair to confirm if there was a fault with this seat which we confirmed is in the same condition as the 3str left seat.

The technician set to work by adding additional padding to the seat bases which boosts the seat back up which stops the dipping in the seat and fills the cover back to how it should be.


WhatsApp Image 2024-05-02 at 3.20.14 PM

As the picture confirms the seat has been re padded and now full back to original, you can expect settlement of the seat to be one to two once’s with use due to the new padding settling.

Both Mr and Mrs Thickett, inspected the seat, tested the seat and then went in to sign a satisfaction sheet to confirm they are happy with the repairs, then paid for the works that was undertaken.

The technician discussed that the arm, back padding from the same side needs to be repadded and the centre seat seat.

Karen contacted us a few days later and explained that the seat has not yet settled and she believes that the products we used are of poor quality and that the cushion we have replaced is not the same as her luxurious quality.

We explained that the seat has been re padded and not replaced as per her quite a replacement cushion is much more expensive and in many cases is not financially viable to customers, and that the seat needs to be used so it can start to compress like it compressed before and that there is no fault with the repairs that it’s the remainder of the furniture which has the same wear of over 10 years, just needs time for the padding to settle.

We advised that her existing luxurious seat interior is still there this has not been removed and we have re padded the seat from the underside of the cushion, re padding sofa seats is very standard procedure, repair company’s and technicians across the world complete this process.

Karen advised unless we redress the issue which is not an issue she will proceed to leave negative feedback, this she has done.

Karen Thickett
Lichfield road,
DN32 8JY